i'm back ;)

hello my fellow bloggers, i am so so so sorry that i have been M.I.A lately i have had quite a lot going on. not only have i been completing my last year of school i have also had to have an operation :(. dont worry it wasnt anything too big i had to get my thyroid removed as it was making me sick.
just want to let you guys know that i am backk! here is one of many other posts to come!

here are a few photos of my major work that i have been spending the last 6 months working on at school (sorry they arent the best shots but i was a little rushed):




here in australia it is the beginning of spring! this makes me smile cause i am looking forward to the lovely spring looks ahead :)
the florals, the shorts, the wedges and the cute fun tee shirts and singlets.
here is my latest want list! im happy to say that i have been able to buy a couple of these clothes.

(Bardot: oversized top, Sportsgirl: ring, singlet, shorts, sunglasses, knitted vest and wedges)

i am still in need of the perfect knitted jumper and peach colour blazer.
what are your wants and musts for this new season?
lots of love